Our Impact

Environments and areas that are created to support positivity, love, peace, & healing.

Grief & Trauma Support Groups for Adults and Families

Our Grief & Trauma Support Groups provide a compassionate and understanding space for adults and families affected by gun violence. These groups serve as a vital resource for individuals navigating the complex emotions associated with loss. Led by experienced facilitators, these sessions offer a supportive environment for sharing stories, processing grief, and building connections with others who have faced similar challenges. Participants find solace and strength in the shared journey, fostering healing and resilience in the face of unimaginable tragedy.
Safe Spaces

The Safe Spaces program is designed to create environments where families impacted by gun violence can feel secure, supported, and understood. By establishing physical and emotional safe havens, we aim to alleviate the fear and anxiety that often accompany traumatic experiences. Safe Spaces may include community centers, parks, or designated areas where families can gather for activities, counseling, and events tailored to promote healing.

Community Grief & Trauma Support

Recognizing the diverse settings where families cope with the aftermath of gun violence, our program extends support to homes, schools, and communities. Trained professionals work directly with families to provide personalized, in-home counseling and support. In schools, we collaborate with educators to create trauma-informed environments, offering resources and assistance to both students and staff.


WEAR ORANGE is a community awareness and advocacy initiative aimed at raising awareness about the impact of gun violence. By encouraging individuals to wear the color orange, we symbolize our commitment to ending gun violence and creating a safer future for our communities. This program includes events, campaigns, and educational activities that promote dialogue, advocacy, and engagement.

One person can make a difference. Help us help those in need via donations, networking, introductions, and awareness of the organization. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.